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Louis Comfort Tiffany was born on this day, February 18, in 1848. This mosaic column in on view in Gallery 49 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

As early as 1899, Museum curator Edwin AtLee Barber began to acquire vases and other works of art by the contemporary glassmaker and designer Louis Comfort Tiffany. The recent acquisition of this eleven-foot column covered with iridescent favrile glass mosaic has added a new and spectacular dimension to the Museum’s collection of works by this important artist, and enhances the scope of our holdings of important architectural elements.

Tiffany, originally trained as a painter, began studying medieval glassmaking processes and techniques at an early age. He believed that nature should be the primary source of design inspiration and frequently experimented with new methods of glass manufacture to produce objects exhibiting a wide variety of color and texture.

Martha C. Halpern, from Philadelphia Museum of Art: Gifts in Honor of the 125th Anniversary (2002), p. 80.

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